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Furcadia Map Normalizer



Map Normalizer is a tool which was made to help Furcadia dreamweavers repair their dream from corrupted objects - objects invisible to the eye, but lethal to the Furcadia client. This tool scans the entire map file for such out-of-range objects and allows to locate and reset these objects to 0.

Using this application

Step 1: Open a map file you would like to scan


Step 2: Adjust the "last element" parameters to fit your dream


The program tries to detect out-of-range elements in the map by comparing them against the last object/floor/wall that you specified. If the object's ID is bigger than the last element, it is considered out of range. In order to correctly detect such elements, you should adjust the values of the three number boxes to fit your dream.

To obtain the last object/floor/wall ID in your dream, simply open your map in Dream Editor, select the last object/floor/wall from the list and check its number, as described in the screenshot above.

The two checkboxes under the parameters are solely for map size check in case and your map is bigger than it is allowed to be. If you don't want to perform such a check, you can ignore these checkboxes.

Click "Scan" to load the dream and scan for out-of-range elements.

Step 3: Examine the results and fix the map


If the program found out-of-range elements in the dream and you have set the parameters properly, you will most likely need to fix them if you don't want any problems with the visitors. You can do so manually by referencing the Activity Log and locating the objects mentioned there with their coordinates, or you can click the "Fix out-of-range elements" button to reset all those elements to 0.

Note that the program make a backup copy of the dream before it attempts to fix it. If the dream becomes broken after modifications, you can delete the dream file and rename the one with the ".bak" extension - from "" into "". If you are satisfied with the corrected version, you can delete the backup file.

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